This is a list of a few questions we are frequently asked. If you have any unanswered questions feel free to contact us here.

How much does a puppy usually cost and why?

Our puppies go from a few thousand dollars on up. All our dogs are registered with AKC and are fully papered. Rarity of the coloring, breeding rights, and full genetic testing (UC Davis)  will all affect the price of each puppy. Please contact us for specific pricing.

How can I purchase a puppy?

You may contact us through phone, email, or our contact form at the bottom of our website. There is generally a waiting list for each new liter of puppies. A $500 deposit is required to get on the waiting list.

We take great pride and care strongly about the future of our puppies.

We must FIRST make sure that you and your future puppy will be a good fit. Please be ready to let us get to know you.

Where are you located?

We Are located in Hydesville Ca on a 7 acre farm. If you are located out of the area we can accommodate most situations.

What happens if I don't live in the Northern California area?

We are committed to working with each of our customers individual situations. If we can not make arrangements to meet locally,  We will hand deliver your pup for the cost of airfare.

Genetics ?

If you are interested in breeding with our dogs we go the extra mile. We have our breeding dogs genetically tested at UC Davis to make sure the end result is perfection. This is a costly process that ensures we truly get some of the rarest Frenchies and Bullies available.